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Rafter Seven Merinos, Inc.

August 12, 2018

Dear Friends of Rafter Seven,

We hope you and your families are well, and your sheep businesses are humming along..

29 Years of Superior Sheep Genetics

Rafter Seven Merinos Inc.
HWY 278
Eureka, NV 89316


We said this last year, but again this year we firmly believe our catalog will feature the best crop of rams and select yearling ewes that Rafter Seven has listed to date.  Our continuing consolidation of superior offspring of our recent Lewisdale genetics, and with Tom selecting for fertility, mothering, hardiness, we are now seeing higher weaning weights and increased clean fleece weights with obvious improvement in fleece density.  Our 2 year old selection of rams demonstrates the frame size we are accomplishing, even with tough winter and spring conditions. 

You will also notice the increased frame size of our yearling animals as the result of our continuing efforts and some better nutrition than last year.  We are more than excited with this set of sheep.

Catalogs will be available and mailed / emailed to you in the next 14 days.


I hope you will join us on the 2nd Saturday in September for our sale, and as always, I am honored and humbled to have your support in such a fine, time-honored program as Rafter Seven.

Rick Powers

“America’s premier wool clip.”