2019  Ram SALE


SEPTEMBER 7th  at  1:00 p.m.


Eureka County Fairgrounds

Rafter Seven Merinos Inc. was proudly formed in September 2013 with the acquisition of the Rafter Seven Ranch sheep flock from the Wiegand Foundation of Reno, NV. Since 1989, the mission and directive of the Rafter Seven Ranch, and now Rafter Seven Merinos, is to combine USA and Australian sheep genetics to benefit and grow the bottom lines of sheep operations across the USA, and into Canada and Mexico. Twenty six years later, the result are two hardy breeding lines of merino and merino x rambouillet ewes who thrive on the sparse conditions of the Nevada desert, provide a high percentage of multiple births, and mother well, producing high performing & indexing fine wool lambs, and wools that are up to Australian standards in terms of quality and processing performance. Repeat buyers of Rafter Seven sheep genetics are ready and willing to stand up and testify to the genetic improvements they continue to experience.

Since inception the operation has kept exhaustive and comprehensive records, compiling genealogical records that are second to none in the industry. Single sire - single dam mating is practiced on a majority of our auction rams, and our sale catalog provides detailed records on sire and dam history as well as the birthing, weaning, and wool records on the animals themselves.

Our annual ram sale is open to the public and is held in early September of each year.

Rafter Seven genetics have a long and loyal following, with buyers attending again and again each year. Our flock is certified scrapie free, Brucella Ovis free, and all rams marketed are also tested prior to sale and guaranteed Ovine Progressive Pneumonia free.

Please join us for our ram sale this September 7, 2019

in Eureka, NV

Rafter Seven Merinos, Inc.

A GOOD WORD ABOUT Genetics!  With the world-wide wool market so very strong and much optimism that it could continue, now might well be an opportunity to increase your financial bottom line.  The heritability of wool characteristics in sheep breeding is very high.  It is upwards of 40% to 50% PER GENERATION according to proven research.  As a comparison, twinning normally has relatively low heritability, around 2% per generation.  So, genetically, it is quite possible to significantly increase wool income rapidly.  Using the powerful genetics of Rafter 7 Merinos, that help for wool improvement genetics is readily available at a reasonable price. 

Our rams are NOT show sheep.  They are grown out under range conditions in the high-desert mountain ranges of Nevada. They have over 25 years of history helping sheep producers improve their lamb crop and wool clip.  We would appreciate the chance to help your sheep operation as so many of our long-time loyal clients have done .  Please join us SATURDAY, Sept. 7th for this years auction. Catalogs available after Aug, 25th, on-line or US mail with most current data.  We hope to see you there.

Quality Merino Sheep for sale at all times, please contact us for more information
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At Rafter Seven, our genetics are time tested and proven over 30 years of intense University and private research, careful and constant reevaluation, and meticulous record keeping and analysis. And we don’t stop! If you haven’t seen or used our sheep in a few years, we suggest you take a new look. Our dual purpose sheep stack up better in lamb and wool combined than any other breeding line or breed out there, and we have the data, customer testimonials, and buyer confirmations to prove it! Come to our sale or give us a call, we are here and ready to make your sheep operation turn a better bottom line.

30 Years of Superior Sheep Genetics


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